About US

What Is TechTwerk?

Since our launch in 2021, Tech Twerk has been steadfast in our mission to be your technology navigator. By this website, we strive to give you all the information regarding technology, software, and gadgets.

This website provides you unbiased test results, verified information, and expert-driven advice on leading technology and gadgets.

TechTwerk is a website for tech enthusiasts (people interested in modern technology and want to be a part of this tech era). This website also provides you a comparison between the gadgets and software, so that people can make the most out of them.

Besides delivering the latest technology news we also review the latest smart TVs, smartwatches, and much more just for you. Whether you are on the hunt for early looks of unannounced smartphones/software or a depth analysis of tech news, TechTwerk covers everything for you.

Our Motive

We a group of 4 people intends to create a community and impart technical knowledge to all tech enthusiasts.

Our experienced writers are experts in delivering the best content related to technology and each writer had the experience of about 2 to 3 years in this field.

Our main motive is to be transparent with our visitors and provide them with precise information and legit reviews of any software/gadget.

Why is TechTwerk different from other tech websites?

Most tech websites provide thin and biased content, but TechTwerk will provide you the detailed unbiased reviews on a particular topic. Most of the websites try to fool people into expensive gadgets/software to make money on the other hand the sole aim of TechTwerk is to provide detailed information(including its pros and cons).