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Apple Watch Series 7 | Release Date, Leaks and Everything About It

If you are thinking that on the 14th of September at the Apple event, it’s all about iPhone 13 then you are wrong because we are also expecting for Apple Watch Series 7 to also launch on that day. According to us, this year has potential and it is going to be a massive deal in this year. According to rumors Apple Watches are going to get a major redesign. It’s been heard that for the first time Apple is changing the overall look of their watches.

In this article, we will talk about the leaks, rumors, and other juicy stuff related to Apple Watch Series 7. Stay tuned with us to get the whole detail regarding the Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 Design

According to the leaks and rumors the casing will have flat sides and a shape similar to the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. It has a screen size of either 1.8 or 1.9 inches. It comes with a resolution of 396 X 484 and it will have thinner bezels than before.

Front Page Tech and 91Mobiles both developed renders of the Series 7 watch. These renders are entirely based on leaked material and depict it in great detail. Remember that it’s speculative at the moment and may not reflect the final look.

The digital crown and side button are likely to remain in their current placements on the casing, but according to a Fast Company source, the button may not be physical this time and instead be touch-sensitive with haptic feedback.

Apple could also utilize a new lamination method to bring the screen closer to the glass, giving it a more watch-like appearance, albeit the case itself could be slightly thicker than previously. However, it is stated that this will not be evident while wearing the smartwatch.

The case size will probably rise from 40mm to 41mm and 45mm, respectively, affecting the compatibility of current Apple Watch straps with the new model. With the Series 6, Apple began to add more color options to the Watch lineup, and mint green, lavender, and red edition have been shown in mockups among the usual black and silver options.

Apple Watch Series 7


Technology Of Apple Watch Series 7

Will the Apple Watch Series 7 be powered by the Apple S6 CPU or a new S7 chip? According to Digitimes, it will have S7, which will have a “double-sided” design to save space within the case. It’s unclear whether Apple would upgrade the Ultra-Wideband U1 chip, which is utilized for Apple’s AirTag accessories and other location-based capabilities, to a U2.

If S7 CPU takes up less space, Apple will be able to fit more batteries into the area. Another report claims that the Series 7 will have good battery life over prior generations.

Apple’s smartwatch will now have two new sensors. One sensor is for measuring body temperature and the other sensor is for blood sugar. However, speculations suggest that neither will be included in the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Series 7’s sensor array may only be enhanced without any significant new hardware upgrades like these. WatchOS 8, software will come preloaded on the new wristwatch. It will include improved sleep monitoring over previous versions, including a respiratory rate readout, which may necessitate sensor adjustments to work properly.

Apple Watch Series 7 Price and Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 7 might be introduced on September 14 at Apple’s fall event. But when will it be available for purchase and how much will it cost? There are contradictory claims that the Series 7 is having manufacturing issues, which could cause a delay in its availability.

According to Bloomberg, the new screen technology is to blame, and it’s possible that some versions could be released later than others, while others will be tougher to locate for a while. However, according to another source citing Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the production concerns have been resolved, and the Series 7 will be ready for a late September release.

So far, no price has been mentioned. It’s entirely feasible that it will stay the same, with a starting price of $399. But it’s also possible that production challenges or component shortages affecting the electronics industry as a whole may push it up.

Apple Watch Series 7 Looks

Other Models

Since the Apple Watch SE debuted alongside the Apple Watch Series 6, might we expect an Apple Watch SE 2? There haven’t been any concrete rumors of a SE 2 yet, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility. At this time, it appears that the Apple Watch SE will remain in the lineup, possibly replacing the Apple Watch Series 3, which was the most affordable model offered in 2020.

There are rumors about a tough-looking “Apple Watch Explorer” variant. It is for outdoor enthusiasts or serious runners. According to a Bloomberg rumor, the situation has altered, and we should now expect it in 2022.

For the time being, that’s all we know about the Apple Watch Series 7. But we’ll keep you updated if anything further comes out before the September 14 launch event.

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