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Best News Apps in India

The following article contains a list of the best news apps in India. People in the modern world are constantly on the move and do not have enough time to read newspapers or watch the news on television.

However, the top news apps for India can keep you up to date with all the latest breaking news updates, news on local and international affairs, and much more. Thus, to determine which apps we need to download, we have curated the following list.

  • Daily Hunt News App
  • Inshorts
  • The Times of India
  • Dainik Jagran
  • Beebom News App
  • Way2News

Daily Hunt News App

DailyHunt is one of India’s most popular news hunting apps, delivering hyperlocal news in only a few clicks. The app has an option for users to choose topics related to their field of interest. It is one of the greatest apps you can find that is tailored to your needs and updated on a regular basis.

Daily Hunt News App

It covers a large portion of the country, with news from the north to the south, east to west, and provides you with the most up-to-date information on politics, local news, health, technology, and much more.

Features of the Daily Hunt News App

  • Firstly, the Daily Hunt app delivers instant local news.
  • The app is free to use.
  • It provides notifications on latest posts.
  • Moreover, it focuses on news from all parts of the country.


The Inshorts app has been named one of the best news applications available on the market. Additionally, it chooses the most significant news stories for you every day and summarises them in 60 words with all the details and information.


The news structure of the app offers only vital information and summaries, with no opinions, making it one of the greatest daily news platforms. It is one of the greatest daily news apps available, providing the most recent news and updates from a variety of areas, as well as material tailored to the user’s tastes.

Features of Inshorts

  • To begin with, it provides a short summary of 60 words of each news update.
  • The app contains information and not opinion.
  • It has a bookmark and share option.
  • Lastly, the app has a feature to read news offline.

The Times of India App

The Times of India App delivers news in briefs or shorts. Hence, this makes it easier for people who live a fast-paced life to access news on the go. This app has a Live TV feature that allows you to keep up with the latest news as well as morning and evening updates.

The Times of India App

Another unique feature of this application is the “Offline reading” option, which allows you to read the news even when you are not connected to the internet. It’s no surprise that the majority of Indians regard this app to be the greatest English news app.

Features of The Times of India App

  • The app provides an offline reading mode.
  • Further, there are various categories of news to choose from.
  • The TOI app has a “dark mode” feature.
  • Finally, the app provides news in different formats such as briefs, videos, etc.

Dainik Jagran

This is the official app of Dainik Jagran, one of India’s most widely circulated Hindi newspapers. It allows you to read news in Hindi and covers a wide range of themes such as politics, sports, health, and entertainment, among other things.

Dainik Jagran

This app has a number of common features, including the ability to share articles, local news from multiple cities, and the ability to bookmark content. The app has user-friendly interfaces to read and watch the local news.

Features of the Dainik Jagran

  • Firstly, the Dainik Jagran covers over 400 cities and states.
  • The app has features to bookmark news and share articles.
  • Further, the app provides various types of news such as entertainment, tech, sports, and politics.
  • It provides notifications for the latest news and an “offline mode” for reading.

Beebom News App

Beebom is an app that is completely dedicated to giving technology news. It contains all of the most recent technological discoveries, technology films, and everything that is currently trendy in technology throughout the world.

Beebom News App

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is one of India’s top news applications for keeping up with the newest technology news. Beebom is the best way to read all the tech news that matters the most.

Features of the Beebom News App

  • The news offered in the Beebom app is ad-free, crisp, and short.
  • The app offers latest and trendy tech news.
  • Beebom gives you the option to personalize your feed.
  • It is one of the best apps to stay in touch with technology news.


This news app is excellent for the user who is keen to know the headlines and read the summary. Way2News is one of the most popular local news apps in India that delivers the latest news and updates from all across the country in 8 different languages.


It provides political News, movie updates, health and fitness tips, trending local news, business updates, and much more on this fantastic news portal.

Features of the Way2News App

  • Way2News provides all the updates in 8 different languages.
  • The app is free to use.
  • The user can share news and articles on other social media platforms.
  • In addition, it provides horoscopes and astrology updates on a daily basis.

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