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Best Power Bank in India under 500 INR

If you consider the present situation, most of us can’t imagine our life without smartphones, earbuds, and other technical devices. These devices drain the battery with every use and nothing is worse than a dead phone at a boring place. We can’t expect a charging facility everywhere. In such a situation power bank come to our rescue. It’s handy and thus a boon for you.

List of the best Pocket-friendly Power Banks

  1. Syska 5000 mAh Power Bank
  2. iBall 5000 mAh Power Bank
  3. Zinq 10000 mAh Power Bank
  4. Ambrane India 5000 mAh Power Bank
  5. Zoook 5000 mAh Power Bank

1. Syska 5000 mAh

Syska is a brand which is known for its quality electronic products. It produces electronics like LEDs, Trimmers, power extensions etc other than power banks.

This portable P055OX power bank is available in two colours: black and blue. It features a simple and beautiful design. It is small and compact, weighing only 95g. If you buy this power bank in blue, it would cost you 399 Rs. The body of this portable power bank is textured. This is expertly designed and built to be of world-class quality.
The Syska portable power bank has a 5000 mAh storage capacity and a lithium-polymer battery. It also has overcharge and discharge protection.

The only con is that it doesn’t have any battery indicator. Although the user gets dual output and input 1 Type C USB input and 2 micro USB input, 1 5v/2.1A output and 2 5v/2.1A output.


2. iBall 5000 mAh

iBall is also one such company known for the production of electronic products such as a mouse, keyboard, speakers etc other than power banks. Moreover, it also contains some budget-friendly products like the power bank we are talking about.

IB-5000LPS iBall power bank is available in two colours- black and white. It is really lightweight i.e. 100g. It has a very small and ultra-compact design, making it one of the finest power banks under 5000 for travel.

The iBall is powered by a 5000 mAh lithium polymer battery. This power bank has multi-protection against over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits.

There is a battery indicator LED. The iBall has two twin USB connections that can charge two phones at the same time. The LED battery indicator informs you of the power bank’s remaining life. It can quickly charge a 3000 mAh phone several times in little time. The only con is that it has less Warranty.

iBall 5000 mAh

3. Zinq 10000 mAh

Zinq is a well known electronic company established in the year 2007. Its headquarter is in Navi Mumbai.

It has an ergonomic and beautiful finish design that distinguishes it as a premium power bank. This globally compatible power bank is available in black and white.

The ZinQ ZQ10KPB contains a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. It has the ability to charge both 3000 mAh and 4000 mAh batteries many times.

This device includes two USB output ports for electricity. It features one micro USB input port as well as a battery indicator. Any USB Type-C cable may be used to charge it.
Two of the cons are weight is on the heavier side and the USB cable is comparatively shorter.

Zinq 10000 mAh

4. Ambrane India 5000 mAh

Ambrane is an Indian electronics brand that was established in the year 2012. The power banks by this company are durable and yet on a cheaper side.

The power bank boasts a sleek and compact design and is available in black and pink. This is a sleek and lightweight design. It weighs 103g and is small enough to put in your pocket or wallet.

The PP-501 power bank has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh and is powered by a high-density lithium polymer battery. It has a 2.4A quick charging capability.

It is compatible with a variety of devices. Ambrane includes two USB output ports, one micro USB input, and one power on/off button.

This power bank also has an LED battery indicator. Smart charging technology is also supported by it.

Ambrane India 5000 mAh

5. Zoook 5000 mAh

Zoook is a popular french company that has launched some of its products in India as well. Some of its products include Party Speakers, Bluetooth Speakers, Earbuds etc.

This ultra-slim power bank only comes in black; there are no other colour options. The device weighs 130 grammes and is small enough to put in your pocket. It has a luxury design and a damaged exterior.

Zoook provides a high-density lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. PBS5A, which is included in the automated voltage regulation, allows you to charge your device safely.

Zoook includes intelligent technology that protects the system and keeps your device secure from overcharging and short circuits.

It contains twin USB output connections, allowing you to charge up to two devices at the same time. It features a single micro USB port. All smart gadgets are compatible with the two USB ports.


Final Verdict


There are a number of power banks available in the market that this price. But the above-mentioned power banks are the best besides being budget-friendly. So, we highly recommend giving these power banks a try if you are looking for one.


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