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In China, Apple is being sued for delivering iPhones without chargers.

With the launching of the iPhone 12 last year. Apple decided to stop including a charger in the package, and Chinese students filed a lawsuit against the company. This Monday, the Shanghai Law Journal published a story about an Apple lawsuit. The group filed a complaint against Apple earlier this year, asking for a charger, $16 in damages for breach of contract, and legal fees.

In China, Apple provides reasons for its actions.
Apple presents an explanation for why their phones do not come with a charger as a standard feature. According to the company, it eliminates waste during the manufacturing process. It has smaller packaging, is lighter, and you most likely already have one. According to Vice, a group of students from Beijing and Shanghai feels that the company has broken the contract by failing to include one. They also have a variety of arguments for why they require a charger.

China Challenges The Apple’s Argument

According to an online hearing, a number of chargers are incompatible with the Lightning to USB-C adapter. This is the charger that comes with the iPhone 12 and is provided by Apple. Apple’s claim that it is reducing waste has also been questioned, given that the company promotes MagSafe as a way to charge its phones. According to the firm, wireless charging is less energy efficient than cable charging. Furthermore, the fact that other Chinese manufacturers provide their phones with or without a charger does not help Apple’s market position.

Evidence is sought by a Chinese court in Beijing.

The Beijing court has requested further evidence, and it is unclear who will win the case. Apple has been sued by Chinese students. They want Apple to include a charger. For breach of contract, the Company was fined $16. It should also cover any legal costs incurred as a result of the disagreement. Even if Apple loses the case, it’s likely that they’ll have to start including a charger with iPhones. Or, at the very least, the possibility of incorporating one across China. It’s also worth noting that the Brazilian authorities penalized Apple $2 million in March for doing the same thing.

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