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Disney Plus Hotstar Launch and Everything that you should Know About it

How did it start?- Disney Plus Hotstar

In the USA, Disney Plus was launched in the year 2019. Just after that, without any delay, it expanded in several other countries including India. But in India instead of getting any dedicated app,  an already existing streaming platform Hotstar rebranded with Disney Plus to form Disney Plus Hotstar.

After its launch, in April 2020, also raised its subscription price value. Now let’s get a broad overview of it.

Disney Plus Hotstar

An overview

Now we know, Disney Plus Hotstar is the name given to the collaboration of Disney plus and Hotstar. Hotstar is an already existing streaming service by Star India. In the year 2018, 21st Century Fox was bought by the Walt Disney Company in a $71 billion acquisition. This made the owner of Hotstar, the Star India, a part of the Walt Disney group.

A year back when Disney Plus became official, it wasn’t shocking to see it collaborate with Hotstar’s already existing infrastructure to promote its library. In March, a royal blue Disney Plus Hotstar insignia replaced its former Hotstar’s black and neon logo. In April, Disney uploaded all of its material to Hotstar, making it the new streaming service’s formal launch in India.

It now includes access to a number of movies and series along with the original Disney content and legacy Disney titles. Apart from that it also includes the shows of HBO, Fox and showtime. This is not that end! You can also find a number of sports coverage and cricket matches for sports enthusiasts.

Especially for all those who are not familiar with English and Hindi, it also serves you with a number of Disney movies and shows in several local languages including Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Disney plus Hotstar UI

A brief Analysis- Is Disney Plus Hotstar worth it?

To be really honest, When it comes to the pricing, Disney Plus Hotstar lies somewhere between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Netflix is more expensive whereas Amazon Prime Video is a more affordable streaming service in India.

However, we all know, it provides a variety of content apart from Disney’s original classic content and that too in a number of local languages.

But all those content comes with a major drawback. Disney Plus Hotstar charges for its premium version which includes 4k content. But in contradiction to that, very little content available on the platform is actually 4K. Most of the content available on it barely go beyond 1080 p. In addition to that, the quality of the content deteriorates more in the absence of a steady internet connection.

The good news for all the telecom providers like Airtel and Reliance Jio is that they offer one year of free Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription. So, people using these services can actually get a taste of it before subscribing to the premium tier.

Apart from that, the streaming services provided by it is not at all disappointing. It provides a clean UI. Moreover, the content is also really engaging and inexpensive if compared to Netflix.

How can I get It?

You can easily install the app from Google Play Store or the Apple Store. For using it on the web, you can sign in from its official website.

Countries where you can get Disney Plus Hotstar

We all know that Disney Plus is available in a lot of countries but Disney plus Hotstar is only available and can be used in India. Apart from India, since September 2020, it has also been introduced in Indonesia.

After its launch, Disney plus Hotstar has managed to accumulate around 28 million paid subscribers in India. Moreover, according to the recent data, there are more than 300 million monthly active subscribers in India. This makes it one of the biggest streaming platforms in India. India comprises approximately 29% of the overall 94 million subscribers of Disney Plus.

Subscription Plans

In India, there are three tiers of subscription.

  • The Yearly Subscription charges you Rs 1,499 ($20) for the premium tier. It was previously available at a price of Rs 999 ($13).
  • The monthly Premium subscription charges you Rs 299 ($3.95) per month.
  • The VIP yearly subscription is the cheapest among all. It charges you Rs 399 ($5.2) per year.

The yearly and the monthly plans provide an access to all the Hotstar and Disney Plus content. It also contains content from HBO, Fox and Showtime apart from the regional and latest Hindi movies.

In the VIP subscription, a subscriber can watch anything, except American shows and movies. You can get access to Disney Plus original content but in dubbed version generally dubbed in Hindi, Tamil or Telugu. In Order to watch all these in English, you need to go for its premium version. Apart from that, the users of the VIP subscription will see ads.

Disney and Hotstar


As we all know Disney plus Hotstar is know to provide both Indian and international content on a single platform, Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos can be considered its biggest competitors. These two streaming platforms also provide a variety of Indian Original TV series and movies in local languages.

Apart from this, there are more streaming services in India which include Voot, Sony Liv, Zee5 etc.

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