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Instagram Will Now Require All Users to Enter Their Birth Dates

Safety measures added by instagram

As per the recent update, Instagram has introduced a new update. Instagram users will now have to add their date of birth to log into it. Although any user can dismiss it, the content marked as sensitive won’t be clearly visible.

This was a pre-planned step taken by Instagram for its users, keeping child safety and their mental health in mind. It will also be implemented on the users who were a part of this social media from before 2019.

Any new user below 16 years trying to log in to their Instagram account will encounter a new prompt which will ask the user to set the profile private. Moreover, the company has restricted the advertisers to target audiences below 18 years. The precautions are being implemented ahead of the UK’s implementation of the Age-Appropriate Design Code on September 2nd.

The main focus of the company is to make children safe online and this is the reason they are focusing on minimal data sharing with random strangers and advertising companies.

The regulated code by the Information Commissioner’s office is supposed to have 15 flexible standards designed to ensure children safety. Users not willing to mention their birthdate will have unsuitable or sensitive content blurred.

What is the main intention of Social media platforms like Instagram?

The idea of social media revolves around creating an online community for all those people who share similar interests. Most of us enjoy social media because we love to share our stories and create friends who encourage us. This makes us feel connected.

We create an online profile and provide our personal information to these sites. We sometimes communicate with unknown people and love to share our feelings, happiness, photos and opinions. Although, these platforms can be really fun when it comes to connecting with people, It is always wise to keep children away from them.

Where actually the problem occures?

The world is full of people with bad intentions. Children often reveal their personal information online. This might led to a lot of risks, they are not aware of. So of them are as follows-

  1. Cyberbullying
  2. Invasion of privacy
  3. Identity theft
  4. Bad mental health, due to sensitive, unwanted and offensive posts.
  5. Online manipulation but unwanted advertisements and many more.

As a few platforms like Instagram is taking a few measures to keep children safe, family members must also put some effort and contribute in order to create a healthy environment for a child.

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