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Let’s Get Started With Machine Learning in a Few Steps

Machine Learning- the Overview

If you have ever been a tech enthusiast, you must have come across the terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning etc.

And even if not, you might come across the terms while looking for a job. There are like tons of job throughout the world that includes machine learning as a compulsory skill.

Some of you might also have an interest in machine learning but are still in a confusion. Questions like “Where to start from?” might come to your mind.

This article will give you a broad overview of “what is machine learning?” Why is it important?” and the most important “How to get started with Machine learning?”

What is Machine Learning?

One can refer to Machine learning as a branch of Artificial Intelligence. It basically allows a person to build applications that can automatically learn from experience or data. It also improves their accuracy without being programmed to do so.

Now the question arises, how is it even possible?

So, it is very much possible because the algorithms used in ML are basically trained to work on the patterns in data and thus, use it to make predictions and even decisions, that too without any human intervention.

Before proceeding ahead towards, “how to start with machine learning?”Let’s understand “Why do we need to learn machine learning?”

machine learning

Why do we need to learn Machine Learning?

So, we have three reasons here to support the answer to this question.

High demand

These days ML experts are in high demand.

More and more companies are now using artificial intelligence for the development of their products.

For example, fields like cybersecurity, image recognition, medicine, banking, video streaming and e-commerce platforms, all want to apply artificial intelligence to their products and so, you can see a huge range of opportunities for machine learning experts.

Moreover, many small businesses are also willing to invest heavily in it to stay ahead of the competition.

Earn better

Do you know where you can earn the most if you are looking for a career in tech? The answer is undoubtedly Machine learning.

An average machine learning engineer earns around, USD $142,000 annually and might range up to USD $195,000 per year.

Let’s compare it to an experienced software engineer.

When we are speaking about experience, we are actually referring to a person with more than 10 years of experience in this field.

Even an experienced software engineer, could hardly pull the average annual salary of a machine learning engineer.

So, even if you are not so passionate about ML, you can’t completely ignore the fact that it is going to give you a life worth living.

The connectivity of data science and machine learning

You must have come across the term data science, more than machine learning.

Do you know, Data science has been declared, the sexiest job in the 21st century?

I definitely advise learning machine learning if you want to learn a particular skill that nevertheless allows you to work in the huge and broader data science industry.

So, if you want to start a career as a data science expert, you can actually do it by specializing in machine learning. This is because this will give you an opportunity to liaise with data science engineers of your firm to synchronize workflow.

So, by understanding ML, you’ll become proficient in both of these domains, allowing you to evaluate unexpectedly large data sets, derive value from them, and then use that to deliver useful insights.

I hope these three points were sufficient to encourage you towards this field. Now let’s move forward to the question, “How to get started?”

In this article, I have focused only on the self-study approach. You can also go for a more professional college or university degree for the same.

How can we learn Machine Learning?


yes, we know. You must have heard guys saying that you don’t need to master theoretical skills in order to get started with machine learning.

But, trust me starting with machine learning can be a real nightmare, if not done in the right way. So, we think learning calculus is a prerequisite to get started with machine learning.

we want to make it clear that, we are not asking you to bang your head until to acquire top-notch skills in calculus. But you need to nail the core skills.

Most of the ML applications are connected to learning the underlying distribution of data which is further connected to probability. Understanding this distribution, one can understand a really important part of it.

You can learn the basics of calculus online. There is n number of free tutorials available online that can actually help you.



The next pre-requisite would be learning algebra. Well, in this case, we are particularly talking about linear algebra. Linear Algebra is particularly geared towards the students of machine learning.

As suggested by many, you might think of skipping algebra and calculus and jump straight towards coding and learn it through hit and trial. But why take the long path, when you can just take your time and dab each step.

In this case, as well there are a lot of free tutorials online which you can go through and learn quickly.



Now comes the coding part. If you are really serious about ML. Never take chance and start learning python programming.

So, you see there are a lot of other languages that you can learn instead of python. But we, being a little biased will suggest python because it is kind of the golden standard.

It is easy to pick up as there are tons of machine learning libraries and that to ready-made. Python will provide you with an environment where you will be able to integrate good programming practices, make modular and readable code and handle errors.

Now, if you are new to programming, you probably have to practice a lot. We will suggest you to come up with your own and learn by asking questions instead of memorising codes.

python programming

Machine Learning

Enough of building a foundation. Now after all this, it’s time to dive right into machine learning.

Now, you have to learn to drive your approach to data, models, algorithms etc. You need to absorb as much theory as you can and also learn the practical approach behind it. The fun part is that these skills you will apply later on self-driving cars, AI assistants, detecting frauds, spam among others etc.

For this, you need to buy certain books or get into a course. To be honest no free tutorial can give you in-depth knowledge of ML until you start practising and learning from your mistakes.

Build Projects

okay, so as you are done with studying, let’s start implementing it.

You have nailed the basics but just reading and writing can’t take you to heights. In order to get a job in machine learning, you need to get your hands dirty with some data and implement models.

All the skills you acquired before needed to be put together in a project for the interviewer.

We have 3 tips for you, that will help to build your portfolio while practising with personal projects.

1. Try to practice the entire workflow of machine learning in your project. you can start from data collection, data cleaning and pre-processing and take it all the way to model building tuning and evaluation.

2. Try to integrate the use of real datasets in your project instead of dummy datasets.

3. Try diving deeper into individual topics. Apply different clustering algorithms to your dataset and try to discover which one performs better.


Now to need to get a job and not let your ML skills go in vain.

People do face challenges in getting their first job in this field. In the real world, one needs to connect with people and enhance their professional networking sites like LinkedIn and connect with people over there.

Attend events based on ML. Keep participating in competitions like those organized by Kaggle.


Ask for help

Now in order to get started with your career, you need to always seek help from seniors. As a budding engineer, it will help you to grow and get better at whatever you do.


We hope this article provided you with the information, that you were searching for. Machine Learning is one of the most trending careers in 2021. And so if you are a tech enthusiast and the concept of ML seems interesting to you. You must always give it a try.

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