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Top 10 Easiest Programming Language to Learn in 2021 for Beginners

Yes, I’m talking to you, aspiring programmers. Let me explain a scenario with you that we all confront before we begin programming. The goal is to figure out which programming language is the simplest to learn. I wanted to be a programmer when I was in school, but I didn’t know where to begin or how to begin.

At the time, I didn’t have any mentors. As a result, I didn’t perform any programming for the next couple of years. But once I graduated from high school, the idea of becoming a coder resurfaced. This time, I realized that I needed to take action in order to achieve my goal of becoming a programmer.

As a result, I began looking for the best and most simple programming languages to learn via the Internet and other offline resources. Similarly, I was unsure which programming language was the easiest to learn. But the most popular one may help me earn some money. As a result, I spend many hours researching the best and most user-friendly programming language.

Finally, I discovered which language is most appropriate for me. However, I am a software developer who creates computer software that is simple to use. However, you may have a variety of reasons for wanting to learn to program. Similarly, you may seek out the simplest programming language for web development, app development, site design, and a variety of other tasks.

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Easiest Programming Languages to Learn 2021


Despite the fact that HTML is not a programming language, it is extremely important in the programming industry. HTML is an abbreviation for a hypertext markup language. It is the heart and soul of nearly every website on the Internet. HTML is made up of tags and elements that are used to build the page’s layout and add features like photos, audio, and video. HTML and CSS work together to generate advanced web page styles.

It also supports client-side scripting in web pages using scripting languages like Javascript. It’s simple to understand and put into practice. As a result, it is an excellent alternative for beginning developers. The opening and closing tags make it one of the simplest structures of any programming language.

The HTML structure is simple to comprehend for anyone. You can also use a WYSIWYG editor to write HTML code and see the results in real-time. HTML code is simple to execute; it may be done in any web browser. Aside from that, you can also locate the larger ones and easily correct them.

HTML’s Features

  • It’s simple to learn and utilise.
  • Platform-independent.
  • A web page can include images, videos, and audio.
  • The text can be enhanced with hypertext.
  • It’s a type of markup language.
  • It may be run on any browser without the need to install any IDE or runtime environment.


One of the most widely used programming languages is JavaScript. For client-side scripting, almost every browser supports javascript. To create a complete web page with interactive elements, we use JavaScript with HTML and CSS. With XHTML, Javascript is also employed for real-time validation without the need for any loading. Aside from that, javascript now provides the best framework for highly dynamic front-end programming, including React, JQuery, and Angular.

Apart from that, Node.js is the greatest JavaScript framework for backend development. With the help of your browser, you may quickly obtain the output of JavaScript code. There are numerous JavaScript communities all over the world that can assist you in learning the language. It could be the best response to the question of what is the simplest programming language for video games.

JavaScript’s Features

  • Validating the input of the user. When working with forms, JavaScript comes in handy.
  • Calculations on the client side are simple.
  • Increased Command.
  • Independent of the platform.
  • Taking Care of Dates and Time
  • Creating HTML Content is a process that involves the creation of HTML content.
  • Identifying the user’s browser and operating system.


Python is a general-purpose programming language that is one of the most powerful in the world. It is regarded as the ABC language’s successor. Python has hundreds of libraries and modules, making it the most powerful programming language ever created. Python is the language of choice for data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI experts, and web developers. It’s a programming language with multiple paradigms.

Apart from that, Python is one of the most straightforward programming languages available. It has the same syntax as pseudocode or plain English. It’s a programming language with multiple paradigms. As a result, in 2021, it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Python is an open-source programming language, which means that millions of developers are contributing to making this a better year.

Python, as a successor to the ABC language, has a bright future as a programming language. It is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. Web developers, data scientists, ML/AI professionals, and embedded application developers all love it.

When compared to other programming languages, it has the best code readability. Because whitespace is so crucial, your code should always be well-structured. Aside from that, Python has the best online assistance, thanks to its large user groups.

Features of Python

  • Support for High-Level and Multiparadigm Programming in the Simplest Programming Language Free and Open Source Object-Oriented GUI Programming
  • The feature that can be expanded
  • Integrates with different languages and is portable and platform agnostic.


Another simple programming language to learn is Java. Java is one of the easiest programming languages to learn if you understand object-oriented programming ideas. It’s also a programming language that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is the world’s most widely used programming language. Java is a portable programming language based on the WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) idea.

Java is widely used in backend programming and security app development for computers. Aside from that, Java is used by some of the world’s most powerful financial applications. Java is also the finest language for developing mobile apps. Java is more difficult to learn than Python if you are unfamiliar with object-oriented programming techniques. To run the code using the GUI, Java requires the use of an IDE.

Features of Java

  • Object-Oriented
  • Platform Independent.
  • Simple.
  • Secure.
  • Architecture-neutral.
  • Portable.
  • Robust.
  • Multithreaded.


Cascading style sheets (CSS) is an acronym for cascading style sheets. It is compatible with HTML. If you only require HTML and CSS to make a simple static web page, you can do it. It’s used to make web pages look different. If HTML is the scale of a web page, CSS is the body of the page that gives it a more appealing appearance. CSS allows you to completely alter the design of a web page.

CSS allows you to change the text color, background color, hover effects, shadow effects, and a variety of other styled effects. You may also use it to add animations to your websites. You can also adjust the location of any components on the page. CSS’s primary function is to improve the appearance of a website for users.

CSS will be easier to use and implement if you are familiar with HTML tags. There are hundreds of CSS tags that provide you with an infinite amount of options for designing the greatest user interface for your online applications and websites.

CSS Features

  • Gradients that are conical
  • Browser Compatibility
  • The aspect ratio is a useful characteristic.
  • Logical characteristics
  • Subgrid in CSS


Ruby is one of the most rapidly growing programming languages on the planet. It’s extensively used to create web applications and web pages with a lot of interactivity. For users, the Ruby on Rails framework is the most popular. It also features one of the most active programming communities in the world. It has given Java and Python a serious run for their money.

Ruby can also be used as a scripting language. As a result, it’s frequently utilised in a variety of web apps and websites to analyse data. Ruby is a simple and convenient language to learn. To get started with Ruby, there are thousands of free and freemium resources available online. If you want to learn Ruby from the ground up, you can use books.

Ruby’s Features

  • Flexibility.
  • This is a very expressive feature.
  • Mixins.
  • The way it looks.
  • Typing that changes as you type
  • Handling of exceptions.
  • Garbage collection service


Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is one of the world’s most widely used scripting languages. It does, however, have the characteristics of a general-purpose programming language. PHP’s primary duty is to provide backend server functionality that enhances the website’s interactivity. PHP is used by millions of websites.

Features of PHP

  • Simple.
  • Interpreted.
  • Faster.
  • Open Source.
  • Platform Independent.
  • Case Sensitive.
  • Error Reporting.


The main goal of the development of the GO programming language is to make it the easiest programming language to learn. It is a programming language that can be used for a variety of purposes. Go was created by Google in 2007 and has a syntax that is almost identical to that of C and C++. It has one of the simplest syntaxes and is the easiest programming language to learn due to its general complexity.

It is utilized for a larger project with a high premium on speed of execution. Dropbox’s backend has also been changed using the Go programming language. It is the most suitable programming language for database software.

This programming language is highly recommended by Google for database administration. It has now established itself as the most user-friendly programming language for web development.

GO Features

Standard library
Management of Packages
Support for Simplicity and Consistency Static Typing Concurrency Support Testing Support for Simplicity and Consistency


Rust is another lightweight and easy-to-use programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language based on the C and C++ programming languages. It was created by Mozilla in 2010. Rust is one of the strictest programming languages, having complete control over how memory is interacted with.

As a result, the likelihood of flaws and vulnerabilities in programs is reduced. As a result, it has a high level of performance.

Rust is now used in the majority of safety and security systems throughout the world. Some HTTP servers, for example, use Rust programming as well. Rust also ensures that all of the running processes have access to the data and memory.

Of course, most novices would prefer not to use Rust. If they want to work in cybersecurity, though, they should start with Rust.

Rust’s features

  • Includes zero-cost abstraction.
  • Messages of error
  • Change the semantics.
  • Data races aren’t allowed in threads.
  • It’s all about matching patterns.
  • It ensured memory security.
  • C bindings that are effective.
  • Memory space allocation that is safe.


If you want to create apps for Apple devices, Swift is the best and easiest programming language to learn. Apple Inc. is the one who generates the ecosystem. Swift apps are cross-platform, meaning they work on both macOS and iOS.

Apple has also released Swift Playgrounds, a free application for learning Swift programming. Swift Playground is a great tool for learning Swift programming. It not only assists you in learning the fundamentals of Swift, but it also allows you to grasp advanced topics.

If you want to work for Apple, Swift is the most user-friendly programming language for app development.

Swift’s Features

  • Tuples with multiple return values
  • Generics
  • The iteration that is concise and quick
  • Patterns for functional programming.
  • The flow of advanced control
  • Error management that is effective


This programming language is not for you if you have no experience with programming and have no interest in R programming. However, if you’re seeking a programming language that will help you accomplish statistics operations in a fraction of the time, you’ll love R. Yes, it is the only programming language designed specifically for statisticians by statisticians.

It will be the easiest programming language for you if you are strong at statistics. If you don’t have any programming experience, you may still have some difficulties.

But don’t worry, it’s one of the easiest programming languages to learn once you get started with it. For data analysis, data visualization, and data science, it is the ideal programming language.

As a result, if you are an analytical thinker, this programming language suits you. Otherwise, you should join a group. If you want to learn a programming language for data science for the first time, therefore, R is the way to go. Despite the fact that Python is the finest, R is a statistical programming language. R can aid you with any statistical task.

R Features

  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Capabilities in Graphic Design
  • A vibrant community with a diverse range of packages
  • Database Interfacing in a Comprehensive Environment
  • Support for several platforms
  • Other Programming Languages Can Be Integrated


When it comes to backend development it is the most popular and easiest programming language to learn for beginners. The majority of developers nowadays prefer Scala for backend development and implementation. The foundation of Scala is laid by Java programming; unlike Java programming, it does not have a complex syntax. Instead, it provides functional programming and flexible syntax.

Scala makes it simple for experienced engineers to address problems more quickly. Beginners, on the other hand, maybe bewildered by its flexibility and features. Twitter was one of the first Scala users, and it remains one of the most active. As a novice, Scala is a good choice, but I would strongly advise you to have some programming experience before diving in.

Scala Features

  • Inference based on type.
  • This is a singleton object.
  • Immutability.
  • Pattern matching and case classes
  • Control of concurrency.
  • Interpolation of strings.
  • The function of a higher order.


In conclusion, you’ve now seen some of the most straightforward programming languages to learn in 2021. Each of these programming languages has its own set of uses and objectives. You can select any of them based on your preferences. Remember that learning a single programming language may not guarantee you a better job in today’s world.


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