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In India in 2021, the top 6 best earbuds under 2000 INR

If you’re looking for earphones under RS 2,000, you’ve come to the perfect spot. In this blog post, we’ll show you the greatest earbuds under 2000 rupees. There are literally hundreds of earphones to pick from, with costs ranging from cheap to expensive. Earbuds have become quite popular, and many people now consider them to be a must-have item. Bluetooth has come a long way in the wireless era.

In terms of marketability and demand, Bluetooth earbuds were never in doubt. Many people, including students, travelers, and others in a range of professions, utilize Earbuds because they are convenient. In recent years, it has been increasingly normal to see a wide range of models on the market that offer exceptional features. However, for a price of 2000 INR, we have covered some of the best. You might also be interested in the post on the best earphones under 1000 INR

Products NamePrice
OPPO Enchi W11Check Price
Redmi Earbuds 2C Check Price
pTron Bassbuds Jade Check Price
PEATOP Latest C6 Check Price
boAt Airdopes 441 Check Price
Wings Hawk Gaming earbuds Check Price

Best earbuds under 2000 detailed Review

1. OPPO Enchi W11

OPPO Enchi W11

These are some of the best earphones on the market. The Oppo Enco W11 supports Bluetooth 5.0, allowing you to listen to high-quality music on the road. Because of their compact and lightweight design, which weighs only 4.4 grams, you can listen to music for up to 20 hours without interruption.

Because of its long battery life and durable calls and music playback, using the Oppo Enco W11 while on the road is a breeze. You won’t have to worry about compatibility difficulties with these earphones because they work with all Android and Apple smartphones and are dust and water-resistant. Their sheerness and noise-canceling qualities are directly proportional to the amount of money invested. The IP55 wireless charging and stable connection for streaming movies and music make this a must-have for everyone on the run.

This set of earbuds is a must-have accessory for anyone who loves to stay inside or go outside. The Oppo Enco W11 is available in a number of price ranges, however this model has the best sound quality and authentic features. For decades, Oppo has been known for producing smartphones and other electronic devices. Oppo Enco W11 is a fantastic choice, as it is adaptable enough to fit into any lifestyle. Furthermore, before purchasing this ideological and electrical device, one does not need to think about it. This is a must-have for everyone on the go because it has a connection for streaming movies and music.


  • IP55 Dust & Water Resistant
  • 20H Battery Life
  • Ultralightweight, 4.4g
  • Touch Controls
  • Bluetooth 5.0

2. Redmi Earbuds 2C

Redmi Earbuds 2C

The Redmi Earbuds 2c is a reliable product that music fans should consider purchasing. These earphones have a battery life of up to 12 hours and are splash and perspiration resistant thanks to the 1PX4 protection. To maximize compatibility, it comes with voice assistance for Android and iOS devices. With a single push of their multifunctional button, you may access calls and audio playback. The single and dual earbud mode on these earbuds allows them to easily switch between stereo and mono mode.

The earbuds’ simple and beautiful design, as well as their small size, make a strong statement. You can listen to music for up to 12 hours with the Redmi Earbuds-2c before needing to charge them. While on the phone, their DSP and ENC speak in a crystal-clear manner. Furthermore, a Bluetooth range of 5.0 would result in a consistent increase that would foster excellent communication.

If you’re going on a trip, these earbuds are a must-have because they’ll add to the thrill. The earbuds are only 4.1 grams in weight, making them easy to carry in a bag or pocket. They also make it simple to use Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, as well as change music with a single mouse click.


  • IPX4 Splash Proof
  • 12hrs Battery Life
  • 4.1 g weight
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compact Case
  • Multi-Function Button

3. pTron Bassbuds Jade

pTron Bassbuds Jade

Get your hands on the pTron Bassbuds Jade, one of the most sought-after earbuds in the world, right now. They are an excellent choice for professional gamers because they provide high-quality audio. The speaker drivers on most other earbuds are between 10mm and 13mm in size, thus this one is a cut above the rest. Because of its fantastic sound, you won’t be able to look away from these PTron Bassbuds. As a result, the audio quality is outstanding.

In addition, these headphones have a built-in dual-mode sound model that can be utilized for music as well as games. The case contains two brilliant LEDs that light up when the device is charged in terms of design and looks. Furthermore, their gaming-inspired design gives them a cooler and more enticing appearance.

It takes around an hour and a half to fully charge them, and they provide 9.5 to 10 hours of continuous backup time. These earphones have a 400 mah battery capacity. They also have c-type chargers, which may be used with flexible charging systems. The 5V and 1A batteries come with a warning that they should not be charged with any other rapid charger since they could damage the set.

The IPX4 grade provides both water and perspiration resistance. The buds hold firmly in place even after a strong shaking of the head. The HD features and visual effects on the earbuds are not only eye-catching, but they also don’t drain the battery.


  • 13mm Dynamic Speakers
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 60ms low latency
  • 40 hours battery life
  • Touch Controls

4. PEATOP Latest C6

PEATOP Latest C6

The Peatop C6 earbuds are a fantastic product for under 2000 rupees. These earphones provide noise-canceling features in addition to offering superb bass. They’re a great jogging or climbing companion thanks to their IPX7 nano-coating and high level of water resistance. The overall performance of this headset is greater than that of any other, and the battery life is excellent.

Gamers may have a more immersive and entertaining experience with Peatop C6’s low latency of 85ms. They have 6-hour battery life on a single charge, and the distinctive touch control operating manual comes in handy when using them. Furthermore, when gaming or making phone conversations, the MEMC microphone technology in these earphones cuts out 90% of extraneous noise. Because the rechargeable case uses USB-C rapid charging, these earphones should be great for office workers, frequent travelers, and even students.

So, if you want high-quality performance and immersive sound, these ergonomically redesigned and slim bespoke earbuds are a must-have. They may be worn securely in any ear shape due to their modest size, making them simple to use and dependable. The Peatop C6 earbuds are the perfect choice for individuals who want a longer battery life (up to 30 hours) and 3D lossless compatibility.


  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Touch Controls
  • Small size, thus portable

5. boAt Airdopes 441

boAt Airdopes 441

The Boat 441 TWS wireless Earbuds deliver balanced sound with tremendous bass. These airdrops have a lot of punch in their bass. The music on Earbuds is also rather loud. The sound quality of these earphones is great even at maximum volume. In your ear, you hear the song with deeper bass. The vocal and treble separation is excellent, allowing for a 25-hour playback time. They’re also equipped with (IWP- Insta Wake N’ Pair), which instantly pumps power into the earbuds when you open them. With an IPX7 built-in function, you can enjoy a worry-free and resistant experience.

The earbuds begin to charge and reconnect as soon as the charging case lid is unlocked. 6mm drivers in the TWS Airdopes 441 create an immersive sound. It’s difficult to look away from this color variation because it’s so enticing.

Simply said, now that the boat Airdope is equipped with a voice assistant and an additional 5 hours of sound per charge for optimal usability, you’ll feel more autonomous. Airdope boats are notable for their creative and intriguing capacitive backup systems as well as good networking. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about them not working because they function in either way the charger is plugged in. As a result, now is the time to get these flexible earphones so you can keep rocking and dancing.


  • 30 hours Playback time
  • Touch Controls
  • 6mm Drivers
  • IPX7 Water resistance
  • Bluetooth 5.0

6. Wings Hawk Gaming earbuds

Wings Hawk Gaming earbuds

The Wiring Hawk True Wireless Earbuds are unbeatable in terms of design and construction. With an IPX5 rating for water resistance, latency isn’t an issue with these speakers. This item is for you if you don’t like wires because it has a Bluetooth 5.0 connection that eliminates the need for connections. The Hawk Wireless earbuds include an 8mm driver that can deliver increased clarity and resonance.

Now is the moment for all of you to use an audible mode and Mic Tech’s extra guarantee that every call is crystal clear. You can also simply customize the audio control experience to fit your needs, making it even more user-friendly. The gaming zone, which is primarily meant for professional gamers, has no delays or errors.

Customers will receive around 5 hours of earbud playback and 5 cycles of conspicuous charging. These Wiring Hawk True Wireless Earbuds include a 3000mah RGB-led-X battery for long play, and they will not let you down in terms of your emotions or gaming enthusiasm. As a result, all gamers don’t have to think too hard, and you can easily purchase this low-cost item.


  • IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistant
  • 8mm Dynamic driver
  • LED-X Battery Indicator
  • 65 ms Low Latency
  • 20 hours Playback time
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dedicated Gaming mode

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