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Valorant Fracture Map: Release Date, Bomb Sites, Mini Map, and Everything you need to know

Everything About Valorant Fracture Map

According to the various rumors, Riot has finally confirmed the addition of the seventh map in the valorant. The name of the new map is Fracture and it will go live with Episode 3 and Act 2 in Valorant. If the name of the map is fracture then it will be one of the most story-driven maps ever.

If you will read the whole article, then you will get to know everything about this map. So stay tuned with us for a deep analysis of Valorant’s new map.

Bomb Sites in Fracture Map

Fracture Map will have 2 bomb sites and it is shaped like a giant alphabet H. These 2 bomb sites will be interlinked with the connection section of the “H” in between. The new map is divided into 2 sections. A site is set up in the desert and the rest of the map is located in dense forest.

valorant fracture

Fracture Map Concept

These visuals of the map convey to us an accident caused by a rift, that broke the timeline. The map was designed by Brian Yam, Valorant’s chief designer. Based on the cinematics, Valorant Theory Developers Cynprel claims that Dead Eye hit the main reactor on the Fracture map in both worlds, combining the two realities and shattering the timeline.

The attacking team will spawn on both sides of the map (the team will be split), while the defensive team will spawn in the middle, unlike on other maps. “The basic idea for the map came from a simple question: What if the Attacking side spawned on both sides of the map and jammed the Defenders?” said Valorant Tier Designer Joe Lansford during the map’s inception. We encouraged gamers to rethink certain basic assumptions by presenting them with new problems to solve.”

Valorant’s Fracture Map Release Date

On September 8, Fracture Map will be released in Valorant as part of the patch 3.05 update. In Valorant, the New Map will also mark the start of Episode 3 Act 2.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based FPS shooter developed by Riot Games and distributed by Riot Games for Windows. It has been giving CS: GO a run for its money. The game was first released under the moniker Project A in October 2019, followed by a private beta test with limited access for players on April 7, 2020, and an official release on June 2, 2020.

fracture map design


  • Defenders will spawn with an H-shaped plan in the center of the map.

  • The “ziplines” that run across the bottom of the map will link the front and back sections together.

  • The interactive Fracture map will be the first of its kind. (Tac-Bears (Hamdi Abi), which were also present in earlier maps, are meant to be interactive features.) The first map depicts the Mirror Universe and the Kingdom corporations on either side.

Valorant Fracture

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