You are currently viewing Video App Suite Business Package Review: Should You Get It or Not?

Video App Suite Business Package Review: Should You Get It or Not?

Video App Suite Review: Is It Worth It? Review that is completely honest
Despite the fact that 2020 has proven to be a difficult year for the company, it has prompted everyone to seek out new tools and services for brand promotion.

The moment has come to put all of your resources into creating the ideal video marketing strategy. Yes, you read that correctly.

Are you afraid of not having the necessary tools? Not having enough time, or not being able to finance video marketing? Reconsider your position. You can bet that if you haven’t started using video as part of your marketing strategy, your competitors have.

It isn’t news that a well-thought-out video marketing plan may help firms increase engagement. But the issue is, how can you make and advertise videos in this high-tech era without spending a million on equipment?

We’re going to cut through the muck and fix everything today!

Video Suite App is responsible for this.

Video App Suite is a one-of-a-kind video technology that combines eight cutting-edge video apps into a single dashboard!

Unlike other online bundle packages, the Video App Suite allows you to resell these 8 high-quality apps as your own. And keep 100% of the profits!

All of the marketing materials, including sales pages, sales videos, and more, are done for you!

It isn’t news that a well-thought-out video marketing plan may help firms increase engagement. But the issue is, how can you make and advertise videos in this high-tech era without spending a million on equipment?

Let’s look at the details of the Video App Suite to see if it’s worth purchasing.

What is the Video App Suite?

Video App Suite is a powerful package of video software that allows you to make and advertise any sort of video with only a few clicks.

From a single dashboard, create excellent Intros, Outros, Facebook Video Covers, Instagram Stories, Video Mockups, Whiteboard Videos, Slideshows, Video Ads, and more.

There are two ways to take advantage of this software to make money:

Commercial License allows you to sell the videos you make to your clients.
Start your own Video Software Company using the Turnkey Solution included in the package.
Commercial Use Permit:
Get access to 8 video apps that will help you make HIGH-QUALITY videos that you can sell to clients and profit from.

This does not have a regular subscription fee or any other continuing costs. Make as many videos as you want so that your earnings are never limited.

Sell them for top dollar on Fiverr or Upwork, or sell them straight to clients for monthly income!

video app suite

What do you receive with the Video App Suite?

All EIGHT cloud-based video applications included in Video App Suite offer excellent pre-made video templates that you can customize in minutes and use to produce stunning films.

Intro Outro Expert

Professional quality intros and outros demonstrate that you know what you’re doing and give your videos a streamlined, high-end aesthetic.

It’s simple to make top-notch videos with the extensive templates available at the touch of a button.

Cover Pro

Video covers intimidate customers and allow them to pick your video apart from the throng, increasing CTR and interaction and helping your films rank higher in SERPs.

 Live Mockup

Add logos, graphics, photos, and other stuff to your movie to create a high-end graphical scene that helps your videos capture and hold the attention of viewers. Make your films more engaging and entertaining.


BAM! SlideMachine is used to create amazing slideshow videos. Increase video engagement and transform a drab presentation into something spectacular.

This programme is a goldmine for the e-learning industry because it allows you to fully alter text and images to build a magnificent slideshow.


The capacity to create visually rich, high-quality videos without requiring the technical expertise of a full-time video editor. That is exactly what StoryMonarch accomplishes for you. Create video stories that highlight your products and services using simple templates.


Whiteboard videos are all the rage, but they’re also expensive to produce. Imagine a tool that, with the help of predefined templates, allows you to create professional whiteboard videos that convert your visitors into buyers fast and simply.

Video Ads Architect

Square videos are ideal for promoting on Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat, but getting your regular videos into the right format and size ratio can be difficult.

With Video Ads Architect, such is not the case. In little time, you can create high-quality square videos.

Custom Video Fx

Lower threads, unique text animations, text effects, visual enhancements, colour corrections, and more can be used to create lengthy or short videos. Even if it wasn’t shot that way, give your video a unique look.

Other Resources

The Video App Suite includes 8 cloud-based apps with pre-made video templates that you can tweak to make professional videos.

During the short launch period, Video App Suite is offering the “Turnkey Business” license, which enables you to promote deals using Video App Suite by:

Taking on the role of a video production company and selling the videos you make to clients
As a software business, sell the apps as a white label package.

videoapp suite

How to Use the Video App Suite

Video App Suite is really simple and quick to use, plus it has a lot of extra horsepower beneath the hood.

Video App Suite Features:

Includes the Year’s Biggest Software Deal: Within ONE dashboard, Video App Suite has 8 brand new world-class video apps worth thousands of dollars.


Within minutes, you can make any form of video you can think of: From a single dashboard, make great intros, outros, Facebook video covers, Instagram stories, video mockups, whiteboard videos, slideshows, and video advertising.

There are no restrictions on commercial use. Make high-quality videos for yourself or your clients. Sell the movies for top pay to clients both online and offline!

Turnkey Business Box – An Industry “First”: For the first time ever, you may resell the 8 software products and create your own software business while keeping 100% of the profits!

You’ll get the sales pages, videos, and step-by-step training you need to create your own profitable software business and start selling right away!

Traffic & Sales Training on a Step-by-Step Basis: Over-the-shoulder training on how to drive traffic to your videos and offer is included in the Video App Suite. Even better, you’ll receive training on how to resell the 8 software programs and start making money!

More Features

TOTAL Market Dominance: With cutting-edge video technology at your disposal, you can DOMINATE any niche you choose and crush your competitors. Save time and money by working less and getting more results!

ALL VIDEO CREATIVITY PROBLEMS SOLVED: With Video App Suite, you, too, can produce professional-looking videos on a shoestring budget!

Sales Pages / Sales Videos. — Developed by world-class copywriters, designers, and marketers with a combined 25+ years of experience – absolutely unrivaled online.

Protect your movies with a watermark, and only deliver the completed videos once you’ve received money from your clients.

A built-in collection of high-quality royalty-free music that you can effortlessly incorporate into every film you make!

Upload your own music, voice, and other soundtracks with ease!

Custom color picker with many palettes so you can obtain the exact color and look you want on each element you make for your films!

Ready-to-use video templates that make video creation as simple as point-and-click with no prior experience.

Customize images, backgrounds, colors, logos, and audio to set yourself apart from the competition!

Why should you acquire the Video App Suite?

Video content is presently consumed more than any other sort of content by online consumers. As a result, the Video App Suite is an excellent conversion accelerator.

The best offer, I suppose, is the Turnkey business plan. Which is the most basic approach to generate money online quickly and with the least amount of effort:

Apps for reselling

Create your own company without having to create any products. You don’t have to wait long to start working on your own project.

In truth, it’s difficult to compete with apps of proven quality from top developers who can boast of the highest digital product sales figures.

So, rather of squandering your hard-earned cash, why not use this opportunity to sell these hot software?

Top-notch copywriters create high-converting sales pages.

Your sales page is your finest chance to educate visitors about your products and services and persuade them to buy.

You’re wasting money if it’s not optimized for conversions. And whatever money you spend on marketing and advertising to promote it will be wasted.

8 different websites with eye-catching graphic designs

There’s no need to employ freelancers to create graphics or build your website. You don’t have to do anything manually because everything is ready to go.

Apps can be hosted, stored, and maintained indefinitely.

The crew ensures that you do not blow your budget by giving unlimited free hosting and storage.

Furthermore, they are dedicated to consistently supporting, updating, and improving all Video Programs Suite apps in the background, with no downtime or interruptions.

To convert visits to sales, create a captivating sales video.

This is an important issue to consider while selling a product. It’s also a part of the package. You’ll get the same top-of-the-line sales video that Paul has.

Demos of studio-quality template designs

Give this to your prospects to have a complete grasp of all of the fantastic templates for generating videos in each of the Video Apps Suite’s apps.

You get a great product and a great demonstration, which leads to customers.

Apps are maintained and updated by a full-time tech team!
To help your customers, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. They’ve got you covered. Just find clients and deposit money; Paul’s team will handle the rest.

How can Video App Suite improve your business?

The SAAS (software as a service) industry is positively booming you know and a huge part of the SAAS industry is focused on video apps.

According to BetterCloud, 73% of ALL businesses, large or small, will be utilizing SaaS to help manage their businesses by 2020. That number is expected to increase to 86% by 2022.

With Video App Suite’s “Business in a Box” license, you can start your very own SaaS business, with a TINY investment and virtually NO risk.

There’s no need to worry about all of the high costs, headaches, coding, and creativity that go into building a quality app from scratch, or even managing and updating it.
The Video App Suite team will do that 🙂 They actually do all the heavy lifting for you.

Businesses, marketers, bloggers, social media influencers are paying hundreds to thousands of dollars every day to have quality video content created for them.

With all of the awesome power that you get from Video App Suite (and its included commercial license), you can earn HUGE fees for creating videos – for less than an hour’s worth of work.

You can make $100 to $200 for a 30-60 second video because With Video App Suite.literally, ANYONE can create stunning, pro-quality HD videos.

Video App Suite: Who is it for?

This software is perfect for anyone, as we know video marketing is one of the great marketing tools, can increase conversion rate and engagement.

This product is perfect for anyone, or if you are:

  • Video marketer
  • Online business owner
  • eCom store owner
  • Local business owner
  • Youtube content creator
  • Facebook and social media marketer
  • Local agency business
  • Blogger
  • and many more

Video App Suite: Conclusion

With Video App Suite, you get Unprecedented Digital Marketing & Video Creation POWER, Coupled with Multiple Ways to Maximize Revenues!

There has never been a Software Suite & A Turnkey Business Package Like This – At Such a LOW PRICE!

Moreover, Many of you have thrown a lot of money on low-quality tools or scams and ended up with frustration & disappointment.

VideoApp Suite opens up business opportunities around the world and crushes advertising barriers entirely, opening up market penetration that was nearly difficult to achieve before

This is the biggest software bundle, 8 in 1 video apps with a low price. You will get a free commercial license, so you can sell the videos to potential clients.

videoapp suite

With all the benefits and immense earning opportunities with the software, I would recommend you to purchase only if you are willing to captivate this opportunity and willing to spend some time on the product.

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