What Is Room Scheduling Software?


As we mentioned, scheduling meetings involves gathering rooms, resources and people. Room scheduling software is designed to coordinate these various parts so planners can schedule with awareness of timing or resource conflicts.

No matter what type of room scheduling or reservations you’re making, software makes the process quicker and simpler. This includes:

  • Booking a meeting room in an office
  • Reserving a space for private lessons
  • Renting equipment for a conference

These capabilities benefit everyone when used organization-wide, as the software offers a shared view into which spaces are in-use or claimed for a specific time in the future. And permission settings allow managers to restrict access to scheduling tools to avoid confusion.

Allows users to Room booking software for schools meetings or events with a few clicks, and schedules can be dragged and dropped to switch dates or times. Customizable views (by day, week or month) and color-coded events offer comprehensive views at a glance. This view serves as a dashboard for anyone using the system.

Once an event is set, users can set up and send customized notification emails or texts to attendees to confirm the details of the meeting. Some notifications include registration or confirmation buttons so planners know how many people are attending.

Spaces in an office are limited, so room scheduling software keeps track of which are available so users can always find a spot based on real-time information.

Business meeting and special event planners often need to reserve equipment in addition to a room. Scheduling software allows users to make sure resources are available on certain days by reserving them and linking them to an event.

Managers can allow any employee to use the system to schedule rooms or workspaces through various methods, including a web browser, mobile device, email and more.

Some users own the spaces and use the software to rent them out. These users can integrate online payment capabilities so that customers can pay and reserve conveniently.

Manage user access to different capabilities and grant full access to managers. Administrators can also see who is using the system and put them into specific groups for easier scheduling.

This type of software is often used to manage space for conventions or other large gatherings with multiple rooms and start times. Some vendors include digital signage capabilities—for example, planners can use tablet computers at each room to display important details, such as start time, reservation status, name of the event, room number or a daily schedule.

Administrators can view data gathered over time to identify key indicators that can help optimize the use of space. For example, find out which rooms are used most or least often and peak usage hours.

Types of Room Scheduling Software Buyers

Room scheduling software is adaptable to most applications and industries, but the specific set of features you need can depend on your business:

Facilities managers. These professionals are responsible for creating a productive atmosphere for employees in an office building, and a critical part of this is managing spaces. Facilities managers can use room scheduling software to enable workers to reserve rooms, equipment and desks (called office hoteling, which can reduce facility costs).

Facilities managers of a college campus can also use software in a similar way to schedule and manage speaking or student association events in buildings across campus. Some systems can integrate existing student information system (SIS) data to help determine the most appropriate classroom assignments.

Event coordinators. Those who plan events, such as weddings or conferences, can use room scheduling software to send confirmation emails and receive registration information to better gauge attendee numbers. During events, the coordinator can use the system to ensure space is utilized efficiently.

Instructors and tutors. Independent teachers and tutors can use room scheduling software to manage their own private lessons. Students can access the online scheduling wizard to make appointments.

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