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WhatsApp Multi-device Beta Version is all set to launch

Whatsapp launches its multi-device beta version. But not all functions are compatible on the linked devices. For some tasks, you need to always carry your main device (Mobile phone).

So, what is the WhatsApp multi-device beta version?

It is an opt-in program that will give early access in order to try the new version of WhatsApp on the web, desktops and portals. The newly introduced feature will allow WhatsApp users to link around four devices to their accounts. You can actually link your account to browsers and other devices except for any other phone.

An amazing fact about this feature is that it will allow you to run WhatsApp on the linked device even without any active internet connection on the main phone. But if your main phone is not connected to active internet for more than 14 days, the linked devices will automatically log out.

As per a recent post, this multi-device beta version will soon be available worldwide. For the time being, it is only available to WhatsApp and WhatsApp business app beta users. And for the people who are using the latest version of WhatsApp beta on either Android or iPhone. Moreover, this multi-device beta version is limited to some countries.

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Limitations of Whatsapp multidevice beta version

Despite the features it offers, there are certain functions that you actually cannot use in the linked devices. A person cannot view live locations on a linked device. For that to happen you need to access your main phone. Apart from that, you can’t pin chant, join, view and reset group invites on a linked device.

Moreover, a user can’t call someone straight using the linked device. Calling someone with the help of WhatsApp web are yet to be enrolled.

Other Whatsapp account won’t work until these accounts have joined the multi-device beta version too. The accounts under the business account category won’t allow editing their business label or name using a linked device.

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