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Why is the Apple Supplier Foxconn’s Chennai Plant Shut for this Week?

To all the Apple users, it is good as well as bad news. So, several reports suggest the manufacture of iPhone 13 in India that too at Foxconn’s plant near Chennai. It is great news as it will help Apple generate revenue in the country. But, the sad part is that this plant is going to remain shut for approximately a week due to protests sparked by an incident of food poisoning.

A holiday of five days in the plant has been declared, considering the Superintendent of Police in Kancheepuram. As though nobody heard anything from Apple or Foxconn.

Most of us must be knowing that the majority of employees of Foxconn are women. Around 150 employees were admitted to a nearby hospital due to a food poisoning incident. It also resulted in Foxconn workers coming to the streets to protest. Around dozens of workers took the protest to a key highway, which blocked transportation last week. Although these workers are now released.

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More About the Incident

Foxconn’s Chennai plant is currently assembling of iPhone 12. The trial of the iPhone 13 is known to start soon. An earlier report suggested the assembling of the iPhone 13 in India from February which suggested price reduction and accessibility. Again, no official statement has been released by Apple.

Currently iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 is assembled in Foxconn’s plant. On the other hand , iPhone SE is assembled in the Wistron plant, Narasapura Industrial Area of Kolar district.

As per rumours, only the production of the iPhone 13 will take place in India. The production of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will not take place in the country.

The made in India plan will assist Apple in lowering the retail price of the iPhone 13 by reducing customs charges. This is our believe.

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